Healthy Eyes in 2019

As an Optometrist, I think I have the best job in the world, because I get to look into people’s eyes all day. Not only do I help people see better, I help people take control of their overall health as well.

The Secret to Moving Mountains

Over 50,000 American soldiers have been wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan in the last fifteen years. These men and women have courageously sacrificed their lives in order to defend our country. The collateral damage to such sacrifice is significant, both mentally and

“The Beat Goes On”

I am surely showing my age by referencing the 1967 Billboard Hot 100 #6 song by Sonny & Cher, “The Beat Goes On.” The last several years have been good for our community in terms of economic growth. Housing stats have been

2-Minute Tuesday – John Stamps

On this week’s 2-Minute Tuesday, Keith sits down with John Stamps of Stamps Real Estate Company to talk about real estate, infrastructure, and what it means to be a Colliervillian. Watch it here or check out the full transcript below! John Stamps

Wedding University Bridal Showcase

Free Educational Seminar and Wedding Show for Soon-to-Be Brides and their Families As with most brides, you are probably investing a lot more thought into your wedding than any event you’ve ever planned. Considering flowers, food, dresses, invitations, entertainment, and photography can

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