Financially Fit

As we begin 2018, we challenge ourselves going into the New Year and set one or more resolutions. We always want to get into the gym, become healthy, and get organized, but do we ever include financial fitness in our resolution? Getting


Letter from the Editor

“I know all your graces Someday will flower In the sweet sunshower” – Chris Cornell As a kid, I never really wore a watch during summer. I was free — I didn’t have anywhere to be. Yet during the school year, a

Money Management for Teens

For many teenagers, living on their own at college is a major reality check. While 71% of teens feel confident in their money-managing skills, many lack practical experience. Teach your child how to make sound financial decisions without your help. Here are

We Choose Collierville

Melanie and I left family and friends in 1994 and moved from Richardson, TX (Dallas) to Collierville. We had a strong network of close family in Dallas, tons of friends from our SMU days, and a strong group of couples from our