Lifelong Learning

Most everyone can agree that it is difficult to achieve a good quality of life without literacy and technological skills. Learning doesn’t only occur in school, therefore successful people need access to information for continual education. Learning opportunities must be present throughout

Girl Power

Girls are leveling the STEM playing field at Collierville High School, one robot at a time. There has been an exciting growth spurt of female robotics interest over the last seven years since the first Robotics team was formed at CHS. There


Education That Works

If you follow national trends in business and education (or regularly read Tour Collierville), you’re aware a chasm exists between the training students receive before leaving high school and the training needed to fill entry-level positions. This gap was created through a

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Nurturing Children’s Creativity

Interested in fostering the skills and mindset that can unlock a child’s greatest potential? It might be worth focusing on creativity. Whether a child grows up to be an inventor, athlete, artist, or entrepreneur the ability to think creatively can be a

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