Proximity to Economic Network

We often talk about Collierville’s economic diversity as being one of our many strengths. With close to 2,500 new residents since 2012 and over 785 residential building permits issued in the last five years, the residential component of Collierville, our foundation, is

Eating Healthy

CHECK OUT SOME FABULOUS NEW RESTAURANTS IN COLLIERVILLE It seems as if all of a sudden Collierville is welcoming quite a few new delicious places you should know about. Let’s welcome three of the newest rising stars!   BROOKS PHARM2FORK 120 East Mulberry


Escort in the spring season with Easter events around town and close by at one of the many events geared especially for our little ones. Mr. Easter Bunny himself will make guest appearances, greeting kids and posing for pictures. Carriage Crossing Easter

Hi! I’m Edgar

Hi! I’m Edgar and I am 18 pounds of snow white sweetness! People have told me I look like a baby snow leopard, and while I am a big baby, there’s nothing predatory about me. I’m actually a semi-professional snuggler! See, I

Fur Babies

Easter offers us a time to celebrate so many things, including family, re-birth, spring and second chances! For those reasons you may be thinking about giving a special animal a second chance by rescuing them and adding them to your family. Here

Spring Forward

Sunday, March 12, is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  While spending the next couple of months waiting for your summer vacation to get here, let’s explore Collierville for a few fun things to do during that extra hour of daylight after

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