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The Sewing House Opens In Collierville

BY Regan Hewitt

Finding the perfect hobby and craft can be overwhelming. Walking into any of the big craft stores, that hold everything you would ever need to do anything, is daunting. There’s endless aisles of gadgets and gizmos, and somehow you always end up leaving with too much, yet still forget something. 

Some hobbies require more bits and pieces to get the overall project to come together. Sewing, for example, can seem like an endless list of supplies and you aren’t entirely sure what items are absolutely necessary. From bobbins and pins to the infinite options in thread, fabric and needles of every size, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

The Sewing House, located on Houston Levee, just recently opened for any and all sewers out there! “It’s meant for people to come and buy quality fabrics and notions. We’re also pleased to be the area’s new BERNINA sewing machine dealer for purchases and repairs!” said Jennifer Reith, owner of The Sewing House. 

However, the Sewing House goes beyond selling the notions, which is sewing terminology for small objects, accessories and tools. They also offer classes for all experience levels and offer “long arming” services. “Long arming” is the process of quilting the top, middle and bottom layers together to make one quilt. 

Quilting and sewing has been a part of Reith’s life since she can remember. Working with her grandmother from a young age with her quilt shop and growing up sewing for friends and family, it only seemed fitting to open up The Sewing House. 

Since quilting has been a big part of Reith’s life – she is also the owner of Night Owl T-Shirt Quilts – the business will be participating in Quilts of Valor, a nonprofit organization in which quilters come together to make quilts for veterans. “Our goal is to be able to donate four quilts to veterans on Veteran’s Day,” said Reith. To do this, they will be taking donations of pieces, blocks and anything else in order to make these quilts. 

If you would like to donate to the Sewing House’s Quilts of Valor project, check out their Facebook page or visit their brand new store located at 3670 S Houston Levee Rd Suite 101, Collierville, TN 38017. 

Story by | AK Lewellen

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