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The Right Kind of Sweet

BY Chelsey Handley

My name is Java, and everyone says I’m super sweet, but the kind of sweet that doesn’t give you cavities or make you hyper. I’m the kind that makes your heart warm, your life full, and puts a smile on your face. 

When I arrived at the shelter as a stray, I was lost, lonely, confused, and to be honest, a little untrained. It’s my nature to love humans and to want to be with them, so my first mistake was wagging my tail so hard against my kennel every time a human stopped by that I ended up with a raw tail that had to be bandaged. The humans call that injury “happy tail” and it might be happy, but boy, it stung for a bit! After I recovered from that rookie mistake, I started to settle into the routine. I learned that being calm when I was leashed got me out for my walk faster. I learned that my joy in simply sharing a walk could put a smile on a human face. I also learned that when we sit by the pond together, if I slip in close to a human and nudge them with my nose, I get cozy pets. I learned that nailing my ‘sit’ command earned me a delicious nugget called a ‘treat’! Everything about me has blossomed here and the humans say I’m ready for my forever home now. 

“A dog need not be purebred to be pure of heart.”

I’m a young female, 33-pound, hound-mix. I’m a good girl who loves to play, but not too hard. I love children, but my natural enthusiasm might be a bit much with little ones. I love my zoomies, but then I settle down and am generally calm. I’m a companion who would love to curl up at your feet and share evenings with you. We would have so much fun sharing walks together! I’m the kind of girl who can tell you with her soft, gentle eyes that you look great in that dress. The shelter humans say I spread happiness and create smiles just by being around. They also tell me that rubbing my velvet ear flappers can take away human stress. I’m a joyful companion that will make you laugh and warm your heart.

If you know someone who is looking to share their home and their life, please tell them about me! Not only me, but all the dogs here. Particularly the ones that are mixed-breed, dark colors, senior, or large. If you open your home, we will open our hearts. 


Wags, Kisses, and Hugs,


Julie Weaver. Collierville Animal Services is located at 559 E. South Street, Collierville. Call 901-457-2670 to find your perfect companion!

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