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Supporting Your Neighbor

BY Regan Hewitt

One thing about living in the South that we all can appreciate is the hospitality from your neighbors, especially in times of crisis. Just down the road in Olive Branch and Hernando, MS, the National Weather Service confirmed that two tornadoes ripped through these areas causing straight-line wind damage in the form of fallen trees, severed power lines and even worse, homes deemed unlivable. The Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, declared a State of Emergency on January 11. 

Don’t let the giving season get stored away with your Christmas trees. Collierville can do its part to support our neighbors during this time of crisis. Want to know how you can make a difference for the families affected? Tour Collierville has put together a list of potential ways to put the ‘golden rule’ into action!

  1. Support the hotel room costs for families that had to evacuate. 
    • According to a source, The Hampton Inn in Hernando, MS hosts 40 families, and you could ease the financial burden by calling the hotel to make a monetary donation and cover the room cost for a night. Call the hotel at 662-449-7737 to see how you can make a difference.
  2. Gift Cards can lift the burden of grocery visits and personal items needed for families.
    • Gift Cards in any amount to Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, local restaurants etc. can assist with food, clothing, and personal necessities for these families. Gray’s Creek Baptist Church in Hernando, MS has opened its doors as a collection center of donations. Contact the church at 901-359-7636 for more instruction and collection of gift cards.
  3. Do you have equipment or services that could be helpful? 
    • Do you have a chainsaw that can help clear a path for someone to travel to and from their home? Or maybe a generator you’re willing to dust off and provide electricity to those still without power. Maybe you have large industrial equipment that can move toppled trees?
    • Perhaps you are a roofer, plumber, electrician, handy-man that has a few hours to spare? Maybe you’re an insurance agent, loan officer, a builder, a landscape professional who can provide advice for families who desperately need peace of mind during this frightening time. Contact the Love Fire Department in Hernando, MS on where your equipment and services can make the biggest impact at 662-429-9562.
  4. When a crisis occurs, it takes a village of Volunteers to get things back on track.
    1. Even a few hours of your time can do so much good! You could provide relief to other volunteers, make someone’s worst day a little brighter, and bring positivity to an otherwise negative situation. It’s the volunteers who truly make the greatest change! Give the Hernando Police Department a call at 662-429-9096 or the Lewisburg Fire Department at 662-895-3322 to see where your time and efforts can be most beneficial!

Don’t let another hour slip by and be a difference-maker by supporting our neighbors today! 

Photo credits: Laurel Hedden (via Facebook page “Collierville Tennessee Moms”) 

May/June 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine