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Rise Up with Higher Education

BY Sarah Comeau

Research has shown that the pursuit of higher education and a subsequent degree leads to better job opportunities, higher salaries and better overall lifestyle choices. The University of Memphis has expanded into the community beyond its main campus and built what is ranked the No. 1 Online University in Tennessee to help distance learners find easy pathways to earning a degree that can open new doors and expand their horizons.

The UofM’s Collierville Center presents one such easy pathway to a degree. The 27,000 square-foot facility offers a professional setting where a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership, Bachelor of Liberal Studies, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies and Master of Professional Studies can all be earned. Graduate and undergraduate classes in marketing, management, accounting, education and many other disciplines are also available at the facility located at the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Peterson Lake. Its 14 instructional spaces are smart classrooms with audio and visual equipment, and it also features two computer labs, a student lounge and free tutoring, academic advising and enrollment services.


The newly named UofM Global program provides another alternate pathway to a college degree that has been created with distance learners in mind. With a portfolio of over 30 online programs ranked in the Top 40 in the nation, UofM Global online courses provide flexibility in earning a degree that pairs well with family commitments and tough work schedules.

The UofM has long been dedicated to helping students earn degrees. By expanding its course offerings into the surrounding community and offering online courses students can take at home, finding a pathway to a degree in higher education has never been easier.

Susan Prater
Director, Marketing and Communication
University of Memphis

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