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Realtor Tips: Selling A Home During The Holidays

BY Regan Hewitt

The holiday season is upon us, starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Day. It is a time to spend with family and friends while reflecting on the past year and making plans for the new year. It is also a very busy time of the year, with so many family, work and social obligations going on at the same time. While most people don’t choose to sell their home this time of the year, I do frequently get asked if it is a good time to sell your home. 

While the busy season for real estate has come earlier and earlier the last few years, you would definitely say that by March, things are ramping up with a peak by Memorial Day. My advice over the years has usually been to list your home during this time. However, with the lack of inventory and the increased demand we have been experiencing in the real estate market, it has never been a better time if you find yourself needing to sell during the holiday season.

Some of the advantages to selling your home this time of year are:

  • Usually there are only serious buyers looking at this time.
  • There won’t be as much competition with other listings.
  • The holiday season offers a unique opportunity to showcase your home’s curb appeal with Christmas lights, etc.
  • The end of the year is a good time for new jobs and relocation

If you do decide to list your home during the holiday season, my recommendation is to embrace it and go with the flow. This time of the year is already stressful and selling your home will add to this stress, unless you make a conscious effort to have a good attitude. 

The good news is that the market is still strong and the days on the market for new listings are low. This should limit the worst part about selling your home, which is having it ready to show at a moment’s notice. It also means that even though the market has peaked for the year, the prices that homes are selling for are still at all-time highs.

If you plan ahead, set realistic expectations, have a good attitude and embrace the overall chaos of selling a home during the holidays, it can be a great time to put your home on the market.

Allen Green, Realtor

John Green & Company Realtors®

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