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Organize With Intention

BY Regan Hewitt

Is your home doing its most important job? Your home has multiple jobs: a physical shelter, a meal prep and dining spot, a place to learn, work and play. However, the most important job is to work for you! Ensuring that your home is an active team player in your day-to-day routine requires intentional organization. Intentional organization involves systems and routines that are personalized to your needs based on learning styles, age, family size, personality and design preference.

Your Kitchen:

  • What you use the most should be the most accessible. If this requires adjusting shelves, shifting items in cabinets and not following the “standard” kitchen set up, do it! Placing items in easier to access areas reduces time searching and makes it easier to return items.

Tanya’s Top Tip: Create zones in your kitchen. These should be reflective of you. Examples of this would be a coffee zone, baking zone, grilling zone or smoothie zone. Having zones increases the functionality of the space by having like items together to complete the task.

Your Garage:

  • Have a goal to keep everything off the floor (such as track systems or shelving) so that sweeping and cleaning is easy.
  • Properly store items that aren’t accessed often in lidded bins. Large visible labels eliminate the open and peek-search routine.

Your Playroom:

  • Enjoy your space in its current time. As children age, so should the space. For example, young children no longer need baby toys, while tweens no longer need toddler toys and so on. Housing outgrown toys reduces the functionality of your space.
  • Create boundaries for items. Decide what space you are willing to give each category and form a boundary. Examples of boundaries are baskets for stuffed animals, bins for Legos or a bookshelf for books.   Sticking to these boundaries reduces excess, prevents impulse shopping and makes cleaning up much easier.

Your Keepsakes:

  • Keep a carefully curated collection. Keeping too many items prevents you from being able to enjoy them.

Holly’s Top Tip: Display your favorite items. Your home should tell the story of your life!

  • Properly store items that are not to be displayed. Keep valuable or easily damaged items in lidded containers and in a temperate climate. The attic is not the place to store paper, plastic or photographs you plan to pass down to family members.

Whether your home needs a bit of fine-tuning or a major overhaul, implementing intentional organization will help you ensure your home is living up to its full potential. If you are struggling with where to start, or need some advice along the way, consider consulting with a professional organizer. Make 2021 the year your home successfully works for you! 

Tanya & Holly

The Springer Sisters


The Springer Sisters are two professional organizers in Memphis, TN, providing an intentional approach to home organization. We believe your space should be reflective of your personality and current life stage needs. We provide you with systems and spaces which achieve your goals and exceed your expectations. Visit to learn more.

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