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Local Matters at Patriot Mortgage

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There is nothing more local than summer in a small town! Fireworks on the 4th of July, summer concerts on the Square, backyard barbecues, the list goes on. We are proud of the quaint, local flair that our Town provides its residents and visitors alike.

Behind this quaint, local flair is a town that is thriving economically from job creation to growth in regional commerce to an explosion in real estate. What is the cause for this growth? We believe that Collierville provides the best of both worlds. You get the safety, security, and comfort of a small town, but the flavors, cultures, and opportunities of a larger city.  We are only just getting started!

We at Patriot Mortgage have witnessed this explosion first hand. We have been in Collierville for 15 years, but the people in our office have been a part of Collierville for over 25 years with another 35 years of experience. There’s no better testament to the growth of a town than to see a huge increase in property value.  

We believe in the word local. We live local. We shop at local businesses. We eat at local restaurants. We celebrate at local events. And we support local causes. With such an emphasis on the word local, we would be remiss to mention that we also believe in local mortgage lending.

In such a tight housing market, houses sell quickly, bidding wars are common, and buyers need someone they can trust.

Why Use a Local Lender?

–       Local lenders know the market and have a good relationship with Realtors.

–       Local lenders can close quickly (we can close in 14 days because we underwrite in-house).

–       Local lenders are available at night and on weekends. Communication is one of the most important factors in working through a lender. Online lenders and out-of-town lenders will never be able to compete with us in this area.

–       Reputation Matters – you need someone you can do business with, someone you trust, and someone who can close loans when they say they can.

We at Patriot Mortgage believe that part of our responsibility and privilege is to serve our community. We put great emphasis on this aspect which is why we serve on or directly support Main Street Collierville, the Collierville Literacy Council, the Collierville Rotary Club, Leadership Collierville, the Collierville Bible Museum, Page Robbins Adult Day Care, New Day Children’s Theatre, and the Collierville Chamber of Commerce.

To us, local is not just a word. It is something we do, and it is something we believe in.

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