It Starts with a Square

Letter from the Editor

BY Master User

“I know all your graces

Someday will flower

In the sweet sunshower”

– Chris Cornell

As a kid, I never really wore a watch during summer. I was free — I didn’t have anywhere to be. Yet during the school year, a watch was critical: How else could you take advantage of every second with your friends in between classes, but still make it to the next one on time? These simple decisions came with consequences. I’ve always been told that time goes by quicker if you aren’t paying attention to it. Therefore – the school year took forever and summer flashed by, even though the warm, summer days have long been proven to be the longest.

Tour Collierville’s July/August issue is a reminder that we are only half-way through the summer! And lo and behold – there’s still plenty of ‘Collierville fun’ to be had. As you’ll see in our activity-laden Calendars, there’s still time to make the most of ‘watchless’ days…

Soon, however, it will be time for kids to head back to school and for Collierville, this school year is different. That’s why this issue, we direct some of our focus to Collierville’s newest prized possession, the brand new, state-of-the-art High School. We have some exclusive content from some of our locals in-the-know and we hope you are as hyped about the new school as we are.

If you caught our last issue, you know that music is important to us Colliervillians. In this issue, we spent a little time with music’s close companion: Dance. We were able to catch up with some of Collierville’s experts on the matter – so now you can dance your way through the rest of summer.

Finally, Tour Collierville’s newest section is back with poolside renovations, home tours, statistics, and advice on fielding multiple offers when selling your home. We appreciate all the positive feedback on Square Feet and look forward to including this section moving forward.

Stay Cool, Collierville. See you in the shade!



September/October 2021 Tour Collierville Magazine