It Starts with a Square

It Starts with a Square

BY Sarah Comeau

As we sat around the creative table to begin the process of refreshing the Tour Collierville brand, we could all agree on one thing: like Collierville itself, our identity must start with a square. While Collierville is many things today, the square is a common place of unity for our town. It’s where we gather to celebrate holidays, enjoy entertainment, and bring our visiting guests. And it’s not just any square, it’s the Collierville Square. So goes our brand.

While the square may be our center, the Collierville of today and tomorrow is so much more. As such, we have created a unifying symbol that can live, breathe and grow with Collierville. A symbol that adjusts to uniquely represent each Tour Collierville issue and all the things that make our town home.

We felt the perfect way to begin this journey was with a heart. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be introducing more aspects of the brand and making them available in the form of stickers, shirts, hats and more. And the best part – we’ll be contributing a portion of the proceeds to our town.

Our hope is that you find your Collierville in Tour Collierville.

May/June 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine