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Is Tennessee Setting the Bar for COVID-19 Testing?

BY Keith Essary

If you’re like us at Tour Collierville, the daily search for, well, anything that’ll tell us how we’re doing in the Coronavirus fight can be frustrating. There’s tons of opinions and conflicting information out there. However, as we browse “news” sites, stat trackers, and listen to all the experts we can find, one thing seems to be commonly referenced: the need for more COVID-19 Testing. That got us thinking, and so we decided to look at how Tennessee is doing compared to our neighbors.

Let me be clear, we are not statisticians. Heck, we don’t even math that well. So while the information below likely leaves out some variables, we think it’s an interesting discussion. Maybe some of you with more information and expertise can inform further. Here’s what we did:

(total test count reported from / (total population of each state from = (% of population tested for each state)


Looks like we’re doing pretty good by comparison, right? Check us out on Facebook to discuss.

July/August 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine