It Starts with a Square

Hats off to the Mascots

BY Sarah Comeau


We knew it from the start. Typically choosing a cover theme and photo is a long process that may last right up until the day we go to print. But when Shannon, one of our publishers, mentioned the Mascots in our first production meeting, there was an instant agreement. There’s simply no better way to represent Collierville Friday nights than a symbol from each of the schools. The Mascots uniquely represent the entire experience from football to bands and fans. The hard part was figuring out how to pull it off.

Aside from the logistics, like tracking down Mascot uniforms, helmets, and a place for the photo shoot, we had a bigger issue to consider. These schools are rivals. Were they going to volunteer to pose beside each other? How would the school leaders feel about it? How would it be received?

Our concerns were a non-issue. Everyone was happy to participate, and even helpful.  At TourCollierville, we are constantly reminded of the inherent goodness represented by our town. As our TVs and phones blow up all day with news of divisiveness, our kids are cheerfully posing beside their rivals.

We hope you love the symbol of unity as much as we do.

May/June 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine