It Starts with a Square

Graduating in Faith – A letter from St. Patrick Presbyterian

BY Sarah Comeau

Charge to Graduating Class of 2017

Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone in life. As you graduate and look to make your way into the world let me remind you of two things.

1) You would not be here without a lot of people who have sacrificed life and limb to make this moment possible for you. You are not self-made; never forget this. This will keep you humble as you move forward into the future. Hold fast to this sense of gratefulness —human thriving is always lived out of deep gratitude and a sense of “indebtedness.”

2) Life is hard and there is no “instant anything.” Avoid getting caught in the instant gratification trap. Work hard for you and for your fellow man. All human prosperity and happiness is found on the other side of “doing the next right thing.” At the end of the day, “success” is never the goal, faithfulness is.

Embrace this next chapter in life with a humble heart and a willingness to serve others. You are built to love God, love people and love life—as you do these things, life becomes an adventure lived on the edge of expectancy no matter what shape your life may take.

James M. Holland  

Senior Minister

St. Patrick Presbyterian Church



*Correction from magazine: Scott Walker is a Worship leader at St. Patrick Presbyterian Church.

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