It Starts with a Square

Friends Support the Library through Changing Times

BY Regan Hewitt

The Friends of the Collierville Library have been dedicated to supporting the Burch Library since it was founded in 1971. For the last 48 years this nonprofit organization has been vital in assisting the Library through volunteerism and fundraising efforts, in addition to sponsorship of programs and services. 

The Lucius E & Elsie C. Burch Jr. Library broke ground in the late 1990s and officially opened its doors on March 3, 2001. The Library has continued to prosper, much of which would not have been possible without the aid of The Friends of Collierville Burch Library. 

“We have been able to provide a lot of services that would not have been possible without the funds that the Friends have raised,” said Betty Only, President of the Friends of the Collierville Burch Library. Through the continuous efforts from the Friends Again Book Store, the Library has received thousands of dollars in funds. 

“The Friends have worked very hard over the years in generating revenue and raising awareness of the Library. Their work has allowed the staff to offer unique programs, build collections, and enhance the Library’s space.  We appreciate so much all that they have done,” says Deanna Britton, Director of the Collierville Burch Library. 

Although the Collierville Burch Library continues to thrive, there is one problem that is too big of a task for the Friends to handle alone, which is the need for more space. Libraries have grown into areas of modernization. What was once a quiet space to check out novels has evolved into space where one can find digital laboratories, individual meeting spaces, workshops, and so much more. 

The Friends, along with the Collierville Burch Library, listened to the needs of the public and are making changes to stay relevant with new resources and modern education. 

With hopes for a future expansion, the Friends of the Collierville Burch Library have raised $130,000.00 for the project.

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