It Starts with a Square

A Letter From Your Mayor and Aldermen

BY Regan Hewitt

Dear Collierville Community,

For the past few years, we sent a letter to all Town employees thanking them for their service to the Town of Collierville. We would like to share this year’s letter with you:

“We are approaching the end of another challenging year.

At this time last year, we were ready to say goodbye to a historical year that completely disrupted the world. We were hopeful 2021 would be different, but the trials of 2020 continued into the New Year. Along with our ongoing battle with life in a pandemic, we experienced a massive snowstorm, economic strains in our personal and professional lives, and a violent tragedy in the center of our community.

Yes, we hoped 2021 would be different, and it certainly was. But something invaluable did not change.

When we opened a vaccination site with our neighbors in Germantown, you volunteered to stand in the cold, smiled behind a mask, and helped make an impact in the safety of our community. When the snowfall kept coming, you drove snowplows in the early morning hours, provided reliable utility service, and helped make an impact in the safety of our community. When an act of violence disrupted our peaceful Town, you risked your lives to save others, shared compassion through the weeks of healing, and helped make an impact in the safety of our community.

Whether you are providing a quiet space in the corner of the library, or looking for someone speeding through a neighborhood, you are ensuring Collierville remains a safe place for everyone. Even when the safety of our Town is threatened, the Collierville community knows they can depend on you.

In last year’s letter, there is a sentence that reads, ‘We believe, without a doubt, the Collierville community knows the Town is here for them no matter the circumstance or request.’ Those circumstances and requests were a test of resiliency this year, and you exceeded the challenge. Your work does not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten.

Thank you for your unwavering service to the Town of Collierville. May you and your loved ones enjoy a happy holiday season, and we wish you the best in the new year.”

We wanted you to read that letter because we also wrote it for you. As your elected leaders for the Town of Collierville, we have the honor of representing you. We hope you share the pride we have for these women and men who work tirelessly to ensure you have a safe community to call home. Whether this Town is home for your family or business, we are thankful you choose Collierville.

On the afternoon of September 23, 2021, we immediately saw our community band together with the phrase “Collierville Strong” showing the entire nation we will prevail. What should have been a stain on our community turned into a beauty mark showing Collierville as a beautiful Town full of neighbors helping neighbors. Town employees helping residents. Businesses helping customers. Residents helping us tell the story of what makes a community truly special. That story is all of us.

As this year comes to a close, we wish you and your loved ones peace and joy this holiday season and a happy new year. No matter your faith, this is a season of joy, and we hope you can find joy right where you are, because Collierville is a great place to be.


Your Board of Mayor and Aldermen

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