It Starts with a Square

The Mystery of the Available Dog

BY Regan Hewitt

I slept rather poorly my first few nights in the shelter. I had been dumped around Fletcher Street and was trying to make my way on the streets, scrounging for food and trying to make the best of things. Every car that drove by, each motor that I heard, gave me hope that my humans had finally come back to get me. However, the last car I heard on Fletcher Street was not my humans, but a man in a car with flashing blue lights. Thank goodness he stopped to pick me up because he brought me to the Collierville Animal Shelter where they have given me a temporary home! 

After a few nights at the shelter, I settled into a routine. Mornings offered up an early breakfast and then a human would swing by my kennel and we would go for a walk. Leash-walking, couch-cuddling and giving kisses are my three favorite things. Oh, and of course, playing! I love to play fetch with my favorite squeaky toy. 

And one more thing: I love this human game called “training.” I have learned to sit, shake, and wait at the door or on my bed. Each time I win the game, the humans call me “so smart” and say I’m the “best girl” and that I did a “great job,” and based on the voice they use when they say them, I’m pretty sure they’re all good things. That makes me proud! 

My time here at the shelter has allowed me to devote some thought to what the perfect day in my forever home would be. It would start with breakfast and a morning walk. Next, I would cozy up on the floor or in my bed and watch my humans go about their day until they had some time to play fetch or “training” with me. In all honesty, I am an energetic girl and would be happiest in a home where I would get plenty of exercise and where I am the only four-legger, the queen of the castle, bringing joy to my human family!

So the mystery here is why a smart, happy-natured and all-around good girl like me is still available? I’m a two-year-old chestnut and cream female pitbull mix who is a shelter favorite and who loves fluffy beds. Would a girl like me add some joy and purpose to your life? If so, pop by the shelter and ask for me, Miss Wiggles.




Julie Weaver. Collierville Animal Services is located at 559 E. South Street, Collierville. Call 901-457-2670 to find your perfect companion!


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*2 weeks unlimited daycare for newly adopted pups from the Collierville Animal Shelter.

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