It Starts with a Square

Square Feet: Home Trends – Michaelis Residence

BY Regan Hewitt

Home Decor Provided By: First Fruit Collection

“It’s my favorite piece. It’s an 1800s antique sideboard and an antique church window that was made into a mirror. Being Christian, I love the idea of showing some of that. I love being able to include a touch of that in my home.” – Patty Michaelis

“My house is pretty neutral, but it has little pops of color, like adding those pink flowers just makes the whole living room pop. Lighting is important too. It makes me happy to go into a light, bright room that still has color.” – Patty Michaelis

“We really like to use unique pieces that are something different. It makes your house look more decorated and found.” – Patty Michaelis

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