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Pawsitive Support

BY Regan Hewitt

Hi! We are some of the residents of the Collierville Animal Shelter, and unfortunately, we understand what it’s like to have your life ripped out from under you. Recently, the humans have had their lives upended by several emergencies, too. Now it’s our turn to reach out to them with the unconditional love that also happens to be our greatest purpose. Particularly after recent events have shown us how lucky we are to have landed in a town where people believe in our community and care so deeply.

 It all started when we heard talk about a tornado that hit something called Nashville. We learned that in the same way humans rescue us, they instinctively step up and rescue each other. We watched humans stop by the shelter and drop off so much supplies that the Collierville shelter was able to caravan four car loads of pet products to Nashville. On the return trip, they brought back several dogs, making room for many more of the four-leggers in Nashville that needed immediate shelter. 

Then the next crisis hit. It’s something the humans call COVID-19. We learned it requires humans to stay away from each other and shelter in their homes. It also required the shelter to close its doors to all volunteers and visitors. After the overwhelming response to Nashville’s crisis, we weren’t surprised to see the humans of Collierville rise to the occasion and foster us until this COVID-19 crisis resolves. In emergencies, fosters are critically important to shelters! The shelter staff was touched and beyond grateful for this show of community support. 

 Now it’s our turn to return the favor. We were made for this because sharing our joyful spirit and giving humans unconditional love is our life’s purpose, as well as being some of the best human therapy! Snuggling on the couch, playing outside and joining humans on walks is where we excel. In return, the fosters provide us with the love, comfort and home training that allow us to flourish. Who knows? Some of us may have found our forever family. But after this special time in local homes, those of us that return to the shelter will be even more prepared to settle in as the perfect companion. 

 We are proud to provide comfort to the residents of Collierville, and are thankful to live in a town that keeps its arms wide open.

– The Residents of Collierville Animal Shelter

Julie Weaver

Collierville Animal Services is located at 559 E. South Street, Collierville. Call 901-457-2670 to find your perfect companion!

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