It Starts with a Square

Hug Trees Since We Can’t Hug Each Other

BY Regan Hewitt

With life slower than normal, enjoy Earth Day by taking the time to actually stop and smell the roses! This year marks the 50th anniversary of celebrating the event that has grown into a global movement since first celebrated in 1970. So how can you bring a little sustainability into your home, creating new habits that can last long past the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020? Here is how Tour Collierville’s Anna Bell plans to conserve and celebrate this important cause from home!

Save Water

“Since we’re spending tons of time at home, one thing I’ve noticed is how much I take for granted our accessibility to water,” shares Anna. “Getting water is as simple as a flip of the handle or touching my cup to the refrigerator door, yet I never think to only use what I truly need.” 

Healthy Habit #1: I plan to shut off the faucet while brushing my teeth. It’s a no brainer and will save over time! We also plan to purchase a rain barrel to help with watering our garden.

Plant a Garden

“My family and I started our very first garden last year with a few veggies and quickly became hooked! I think I loved seeing everything grow just as much as the kids. It is so rewarding to experience picking the fruits of your labor and enjoying it with your friends and family!” 

Healthy Habit #2: We will have another garden of veggies this year and add a few new options including carrots, okra, and watermelon! 

Enjoy a vegetarian meal

“I grew up in a meat and two sides kind of household. The idea of not having some version of meat on my plate is hard to fathom, but with the right ingredients, it’s possible to fool even the pickiest of eaters, including me!”

Healthy Habit #3: One day a week we’ll have a meatless dinner and hopefully learn to enjoy a few new vegetables we don’t typically eat!

Encourage the birds and bees to visit your yard

“I love drinking my coffee in the morning and seeing the birds in my backyard. It’s a soothing way to start the day, and they can do a lot to help your yard and gardens!”

Healthy Habit #4: We plan to clean up our bird bath and set out some seed planters for the birds. Introducing more flowers to the yard away from our patio will encourage bees to pollinate but not interrupt our outdoor activities!

Compost your scraps

“Find yourself dumping a lot of table scraps into the trash? Composting will not only help your gardens, but extra compost can mulch flower beds and can quickly take care of old grass clippings/leave piles!”

Healthy Habit #5: We plan to make use of the plethora of egg shells, coffee grinds and banana peels at home by composting for our garden! 

Recycle, Reuse, Refurbish

“Give something around the house a second chance to do its job! Get creative by turning your clutter into a functional piece in your home.”

Healthy Habit #6: An unused bookshelf quickly transformed into a new raised garden bed in our yard! The shelves worked great to separate the rows of veggies!

Involve the kids by making a cereal box guitar or even a milk carton birdhouse! Make Earth Day count by trading in Netflix for some fresh air and healthy habits that are worth celebrating! 

Story by | Anna Bell

July/August 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine