It Starts with a Square

Hi! I’m Jack.

BY Chelsey Handley

A year ago, I came to Collierville Animal Shelter as a small puppy in a litter. Some humans were excited about having a puppy, so they adopted me and took me home. Nine months later they were back at the shelter, but this time it was to return me and to say, “We just don’t have time for him.”

As I was lead back to a kennel by one of the staff members, my heart was breaking. How could my family who I loved with all my heart abandon me? What had I done? I was sad. So, so sad. I just curled up in the back of my kennel and withdrew from everything and everyone. But the staff at CAS refused to give up on me. They walked with me, played with me, taught me to sit and showered me with TLC. Now I’ve blossomed back into the beautiful, smart and delightful boy I was meant to be!

Wait what? You want to know more? Ok, well, most of all I love to PLAY. I love toys, love to play ball, love tug of war, love to run around the play yard, love to go for walks, and love to chase and toss around small stuffed animals. If anyone is up to play, I’m all in! I’m a little over a year old, well-mannered on a leash, housebroken, and all legs. Some might even call me coltish! I’m so happy-natured that I almost bounce! And if you sit with me I’ll put my head on your lap and look up at you like I love you. Because I do! In spite of my first experience, I looooove humans!

Because of my zest for life, I would be best suited for an active human or a family who would play with me and take me on walks. But since sometimes I don’t know my size, and I love to play with everyone, I might be best for a family with children who are a little older. And honestly, I’m not great with cats, but I do like dogs. If you have a dog, we could do a meet and greet to see how we get along!

I’m so excited to be featured here because two other CAS dogs that were featured in Tour Collierville, Eleanor and Waylon, both found their forever homes! And my best friend, Stone, just got adopted too! So, do you think maybe it’s my turn to find my forever home? Do you think yours could be the forever home I’ve been wishing for? If so, please come by the shelter and and get to know me!

And don’t forget….

You can’t re-write a dog’s past but you can save his future!


May/June 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine