It Starts with a Square

Square Feet Garner Home Tour

BY Rachel Spiers

There is something particularly charming about ‘small town talk.’ Chatter among the community tends to revolve around a number of themes including Collierville having the area’s best schools, prosperous economic growth within the community, the latest special event on our beloved Town Square — the list goes on. After all, we Southerners love to talk! But we would be remiss here at Tour Collierville not to mention one of the hottest topics of conversation — REAL ESTATE. New neighborhoods, town houses, and homes are springing up on what seems like every corner and with endless positive conversation about our Town, why wouldn’t everyone else want to call Collierville home?!

This demonstrated community interest brought about the genesis of our newest addition to the magazine, Square Feet. Square Feet will bring exciting new insight on the latest real estate trends straight from community experts, who understand our market and will highlight useful information for you — the prospective buyer, the potential seller, or the interested neighbor! Some of the most gorgeous homes in our area will be showcased within the pages of our magazine, spotlighting emerging architectural and decorative trends that you won’t want to miss, along with useful information for whatever stage you’re in on the real estate journey!

In this issue, we are speaking to those ready to test the real estate market waters by helping you develop a plan for selling your home, providing inspirational home tour photography, and market numbers of homes recently sold in our area. Enjoy!


May/June 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine