It Starts with a Square

Collierville Holiday Light Tour Starts Now

BY Regan Hewitt

A perfect holiday activity for the whole family, the Collierville Town Beautiful Commission (CTBC) has organized this event for four years. The holiday light tour is self-guided, and features 35 spectacularly decorated houses of Collierville. 

The tour is available on both print and Google maps, and the individual houses’ addresses can all be found listed alongside the Google map. The Google map of all the decorated homes in Collierville has existed since 2016. In 2018, it received nearly 60,000 views!  

If you were lucky enough to win tickets for the Double Decker Bus Light Tour, you will see some but certainly not all of these houses, so make sure to get out there to see them for yourself! 

Until 2017, there was a competition between the houses, with one house being crowned the champion of holiday decorating. Recently, however, the CTBC decided to move away from judging and welcome all entrants. 

As Collierville’s Director of Tourism, Ashley Carver, said, “Anyone who takes the time to decorate their homes with holiday lights is encouraged to fill out an application and be listed on the map. We’ve found this has resulted in more entries spread out all over Collierville.” Each of the houses will not only be featured on the map, but also receive a yard sign indicating that they are a stop on the tour! 

According to Cindy Kessler, the CTBC Chairperson, there were 35 applicants this year, and therefore, 35 stops on the holiday light tour. The houses are listed by their proximity to others, so it is common to group 10 houses together in one area of Collierville. “Families could take 30 minutes and see just a few, or spend over an hour seeing all the home,” said Carver. 

You can find the Google map of homes here, or pick up a paper one at the Community Center! Enjoy all the holiday lights that Collierville has to offer, and make sure to stop by the Town Square to round out your night with some of the Town’s own holiday displays! 

To find out more about the holiday light tour, or other CTBC events, like the Collierville in Bloom Facebook page here!

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