It Starts with a Square

The Collierville Crazies Are Back

BY Regan Hewitt


When the lights come on and teams line up to kick off, you can always count on one group to pump up the crowds! Known as the “backbone of Collierville High School spirit,” the Collierville Crazies group originally started out as a CHS club. That club has since grown exponentially and is now open to all students who wish to take part in cheering on Collierville High School’s athletic teams. 

The Collierville Crazies all began when a group of students wanted to support CHS athletic teams in a unique “fan base” way. Dedicated to pumping up the crowd, you can find the “Crazies” of today decked out in Dragons gear, holding up the double-sided Collierville “C” hand sign. They start their cheering as soon as warm-ups begin and the large student section even decides on themed attire game nights! 

“Each football game has a theme for the student section that coordinates what they wear and bring to the game,” shares Collierville Crazie sponsor Ryan Carey. “Our first pep rally is for the Homecoming Game where students will ‘Maroon Out’ as part of a larger effort to stripe out the stadium.”

This year in particular, the 2019-20 Crazies are doing their part to leave a positive mark for future Crazie generations. “I have seven seniors currently that serve as ‘leaders’ of the student section,” remarks Carey. “They are responsible for organizing the student effort, tailgates, advertising, social media, etc. They are all active students at CHS participating in other clubs and sports. I think what makes this Senior Class unique is their willingness to participate, to help clean up after events, to want to leave their legacy at CHS.”

“Collierville Crazies isn’t just about cheering on our sports teams and painting up to support them. It’s letting our entire student body know that they are loved and that they are a part of something huge. We support Lacrosse, Robotics, Volleyball, Basketball, and so many other sports and activities. We are not just “all about” football, we are about supporting each and every Dragon that walks through Collierville High School.” – Channing Perrett

“Being a Collierville Crazie is such a great way to be involved in something much bigger than oneself. It’s all about support. The way our student section comes together to support our teams and fine arts is something that cannot be replicated. Our school population is so large, students are often cheering on peers they’ve never met. Students at CHS just want everyone to feel supported, friends or not, which is what makes our student section so special. We all love to dress up and have a good time supporting every dragon.” – Alex Sherman

Throughout the game, it is not uncommon to see spirit painted bodies jumping up and down with Dragon Pride! After all, it’s hard to miss a group of 500+ fans giving it their all, supporting the Dragons from the stands. The students’ support is not only felt under the Friday Night Lights, but other clubs and organizations have a team rooting them on to victory! “Our focus is not just with sports,” says Carey. “Through social media campaign efforts and attendance, the Crazies look to support all aspects of student life at CHS from other sports to the Fine Arts. Their goal has always been to ‘bring the crazy’ with support for all students as part of the CHS family.”

You can even experience their support via social media leading up to these events, with students and faculty using hashtags #allin4cville and #BRINGTHECRAZY

Story by | Anna Bell

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