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Civil Servant – Sharon Lucka

BY Sarah Comeau

Collierville Schools Crossing Guard

If you or your children have attended Collierville High, Middle, or Elementary schools in the last 24 years, chances are you’ve seen the friendly face of Crossing Guard Sharon Lucka. Starting promptly at 6:30AM Lucka begins her morning directing traffic, helping kids cross the street and bringing buses in and out of school traffic for all three schools. Greeting our Collierville kids every day with a ‘Good morning’ and a smile, Lucka says it makes her happy to help start the kids’ days off on a good note. And even though Lucka isn’t always sure if they hear her or not, the kids do notice. “One of the high school teachers came out of the school the other day with a manila folder full of thank you notes from the kids,” says Lucka.

This isn’t her first manila folder full of thank you’s and Lucka said she has kept every one, “I can’t seem to throw them away,” Lucka has seen many kids go through the school system and now she finds herself guiding the children of her previous students safely into school each day. She has made our children’s safety her life’s work. On more than one occasion in her many years of service has she ‘scooped up a child out of the road’. “I tell everyone that I love my job. I really do enjoy what I do,” said Lucka, “and I’m very thankful they hired me all those years ago.” In the afternoons, Lucka returns to the schools to ensure all those who made it to school that day, also make it home safely, wrapping her day up with the last bus around 4PM. We thank you for your many years of devoted service to our community Sharon!

By Anna Bell

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