It Starts with a Square


BY Anna Bell

When developing our TourCollierville branding, we kept in mind that Collierville is uniquely identified by its historic town square. Whether headed to Square Beans for some much needed coffee or leaving Silver Caboose after a piece of chocolate cake, there is no mistaking the distinct feel of Collierville. It’s in the architecture of the buildings, the many towering trees, the rails and walkways, the train, and most importantly, it’s the people. We quickly realized that the personality of this town and its residents spreads far and wide outside the confines of the town square – but were careful to recognize that it all started with the square. Last issue we introduced the #WherestheSquare Giveaway and we were excited to see others begin to share the square around town. The square is and always has been a place for the town to come together. In sharing the square, we hope to bring the community together – all around town. That being said, TourCollierville will continue to hide our “squares” all around town. Find the Square, Share the Square by taking a picture, and post using the hashtag #WherestheSquare. That’s all you need to do to be entered into our Giveaway, with the winner taking home a gift basket worth over $200 of Collierville gifts and gear.

May/June 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine