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Ten-Year-Old Finds a Way to Say Thanks to the Library

BY Regan Hewitt

It’s hard to put a price tag on what the Library has to offer Collierville families. COVID-19 restrictions kept David Guo and his family at home, but the ten-year-old found a way to raise money for the Library to show his support for serving him and his family while they were stuck at home. “When COVID-19 spread wildly, my family would go to the library to borrow books. I wanted to show my support. Thank you for your work during COVID!” he wrote in a note to the librarians. 

David approached his mom about raising money for the library, but she immediately said it was impossible to do fundraising with all the restrictions in place. With the belief that God can make everything possible, and by praying together, they found a way. 

David came up with the idea to make cupcakes and sell them to his friends. His friends were very supportive of the idea. With a price tag of $1.00 a piece they were able to make $90.00 selling Oreo Cheesecake cupcakes. The recipe has become a family favorite from a Martha Stewart cookbook – a Library book.

David’s dad, Zhenyu Guo encouraged him to think of something to support that he had a real connection to in daily life. “We came up with something we use very frequently. We appreciate the people who work here who are willing to take the risk and support our community.”

David’s mom, Hua Hui was very supportive of his plan. “I was very grateful that David came up with this idea to do something for the community. The library is definitely on the top of the list. We cannot express enough all the gratitude we have had during this year for the library.”

The Library has opened possibilities for David and his family during their time at home during COVID-19 restrictions. David and his sister, Joanna discovered Garfield comics by Jim Davis. The comic books inspired them to start their own comic strip, drawing and writing their stories using Garfield as their inspiration.

The siblings also began exploring new science topics. They watched YouTube videos about chemistry and space, then searched for books to expand their knowledge at the library. Even though they were staying at home, their minds were free to explore, learn, and grow because of the access to library books. 

“We hope what David did can inspire more people to put more resources into helping this library to nourish and reach more people. We always get from the library we never have a chance to give. This gives us a chance to give back.” says Stella.

The Library closed in March of 2020 along with libraries around the country. It reopened for the community in May with full operating hours beginning June 1. By keeping the Library open it has continued to provide an important connection to the daily life of Collierville residents – a lifeline to free their minds from the uncertainty of COVID-19. 

David Guo is a student at Bailey Station Elementary. He and his family have lived in Collierville since 2014. David’s generous donation will be used according to his request, “I would like the money to be spent on new books.”

Lisa Plath, Collierville Library Director

Source: Town of Collierville

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