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Soft & Sweet

BY Chelsey Handley

Hi! My name is Whitney and I’m a one-year-old, black female cat living at the Collierville Animal Shelter. Like most of us here, I was found as a stray, but even though many of us share a similar history, we are each unique in our own special way. 

Cats all have different colors and looks, but most of us here have no specific breed, so we’re classified as DSH (domestic short hair) and identified by our color. People who have a lot of experience with cats (like the volunteers here!) will tell you there is no scientific evidence to tie a cat’s color to a personality type, but in many cases it can prove to be a good indicator. 

So in spite of our reputation as shy, calm, and sweet, did you know that black cats spend twice as long waiting to find their forever family? Some humans have strange superstitions about us, and others consider our color as ‘ordinary’. I can’t address human superstitions, but… ‘ordinary’? For the record, just last week one of the humans here picked me up and whispered in my ear that my striking green eyes and my velvety, black fur made me sooo beautiful. Compliments like that mean everything to a girl like me, waiting for my forever home.  

“You’ll love the feel of my soft, velvet fur

You’ll love the sound of my rumbling purr

Once I have loved you, you’ll never look back

I’m the reason for this… I’m a black cat!”

When I think about my forever family and where I might fit best, I picture a place where we both love comfort. If my humans have a stressful day, or don’t feel well, or even find themselves just feeling a little down, I want to comfort them and be the companion that brings love to their life. I love to snuggle on a big fluffy bed. I’m super laid-back, and love to be scratched under my chin. When humans do that, I just close my eyes and relax in perfect contentment. I’m a quiet kitty who loves to watch. Even when the kittens play and chase each other here, I stay on my bed and just enjoy the show. I would love to share that warmth and contentment with my humans.

Are you looking for a soft, gentle and loving, one-year-old lady to share your warm blanket with on a cool night? Or a snuggle buddy to binge-watch Netflix with? I’m right here at the Collierville Animal Shelter waiting for you. Fill out an application and the shelter humans will set up a time for us to meet. 

xoxo, Whitney

Julie Weaver. Collierville Animal Services is located at 603 E. South Street, Collierville. Call 901-457-2670 to find your perfect companion!

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