Letter From the Editors

I love that everyone looks like a rock star in January. Have you noticed it too? We’re all rocking that new favorite shirt, boots, or coat as we head back to work. But it’s more than the new threads that has us walking into the new year like we walk out of the theater from watching Ocean’s Eleven.

We also carry with us hope for the new year as we watch the ball drop and raise our glasses in toast. In this issue, we celebrate that hope by looking back at the holiday gatherings in our community, remembering the blessings of 2017, and we recognize the perfect symbol of hope in weddings and engagements.

Then comes February. The threads are still new, but they’ve been washed a few times. We’re still hopeful, but those stubborn resolutions we made are increasingly inconvenient. So, we’ve also included some expert advice to help keep us on track and feeling like a rock star, all year long.

This issue also marks the first year anniversary of publishing TourCollierville for Shannon and myself. It’s been a privilege to experience and catalog the events of the previous year with you. We’ve learned a lot about our community but, even cooler, we made some awesome new friends. Ok, enough looking back. It’s 2018, and we’re all going to own it!

Happy New Year!

Keith & Shannon