It Starts with a Square

Land, Ho!

BY Chelsey Handley

I’ve recently become mesmerized by YouTube videos of adventurists making extended solo sailing journeys – from LA to Hawaii, for example. Watching the planning, process, risk, and beauty allows you to become part of their journey, which all culminates into one thunderous shout: “LAND, HO!” When site selectors, commercial real estate brokers and users, developers, corporate prospects, and more venture into Collierville’s dynamic market with expansion and development on their minds, they too should shout, “LAND HO!” with equal enthusiasm. 

Collierville is blessed with roughly 1000 available acres for future growth. Here’s how it breaks down:



You may have noticed we fully welcome corporate headquarters, regional offices, the district office, tech centers, R&D facilities, and medical plazas. The five key attraction elements as it relates to our market are “TALIO”: Talent, Access, Lifestyle, Incentives, and Operating Costs. Our safe and secure market checks every box with award-winning schools, amenities, infrastructure, and quality neighborhoods attracting and impressing the office user looking to “Relocate / Recruit / Retain.” Look for growth in this sector to continue with close to 500 acres available for various office uses near our Southeast entrance at US 72, Schilling Farms, and our Houston Levee zone.



Our strategic location at the crossroads of 1-269 / SR-385 / US 72, 40 minutes from Ford Blue Oval City, 35 minutes from the Memphis International Airport, and 25 minutes from the FedEx Ground Hub uniquely positions Collierville for logistics, light manufacturing, and specialty industrial opportunities. Roughly 300 acres of land zoned for industrial uses located in a larger market with diminishing availability makes me confident Collierville will finally see the industrial spike we’ve been anticipating. 



Top-shelf restaurants and shopping in an accessible and ever-growing market indicates we will continue this positive trajectory of commercial development activity. Commercial users will go where there is elevated traffic, good visibility, and opportunity, so most of our 350 commercial acres available are near our strategic corridors. The Parke at Houston Levee and SR-385, The WaterTower district in Schilling Farms, and Almadale Farms at Houston Levee and Wolf River are a few examples of areas that will soon welcome elevated commercial development. 


It could just be my passion for the Town and its strategic growth. But Collierville’s available acreage for those looking to expand or develop in these sectors certainly sounds like “LAND, HO!” to me. 


John D. Duncan

Director of Economic Development

500 Poplar View Parkway

Collierville, TN 38017

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