It Starts with a Square

Intersection Upgrade

BY Anna Bell

The largest Downtown Collierville streetscape project in 25 years is in progress, with intentions of being completed by the end of July! To put this in perspective, the last renovation like this was done on the Town Square in 1994. TDOT awarded the Town two grants named Collierville Center Connect, for improvements to Center Street. Collierville Center Connect is an extension of Downtown revitalization, with the goal of offering safe and improved mobility from the Square along Center Street to Highway 72.

One of the changes includes the two-way stop at Center and South Street to become a four-way stop. Starting May 13, 2019, the South and Center intersection will begin functioning as a four-way stop. 

“Converting the two-way stop to a four-way stop at Center and South Street will help improve the safety in the area, especially since more people will be using the new crosswalks,” said Jaime Groce, Town Planner.

Hear Jaime talk with the Town of Collierville about the project and the intersection change here:

The videos were also a collaboration between the Town of Collierville Planning Department and the Collierville Library – specifically the LEGO club.

“The Collierville Library monthly LEGO Club is an after-school program that invites children the opportunity to experience creativity and grow STEM skills through open play. If you would like to know more, please contact Julia Trumpy, Youth Services Librarian, at 457-2601.” – Burch Library Director, Deanna Britton

Project improvements also include the widening and enhancing the crosswalks and sidewalks along Center Street, adding bike lanes, and addressing traffic flow solutions to keep motorists and pedestrians safe. See further details about the Collierville Center Connect project by visiting the Town’s website:

Photo provided by Town of Collierville
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