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Family Travel

BY Chelsey Handley

According to, a family travel survey reveals parents are looking for a break when it comes to planning a vacation. Who would have thought that trying to plan a family getaway could be so overwhelming?

From all-inclusive hotels, family cruises and tours, to multigenerational and special needs travel, there are more options than ever. Thanks to the innovations you continue to see across land and sea, there are endless opportunities to experience new and emerging destinations.  

Most travelers begin their research online for family vacation ideas. This search returns millions of results, including everything from budget-friendly, affordable, unexpected, best all-American, best family, and many more ideas or trips that your kids will love. Majority of parents don’t have the time to devote to so much research, before deciding on which trip is right for their family. In order to narrow down your list of options, consider consulting a travel agent who will provide expert knowledge on the interests you may be considering. In the end, it will save valuable time and money. Travel experts are trained in finding the best deals and navigating through the multitude of options, thanks to their vast experiences around the world. They are experienced in helping families determine which resorts have the best hangout areas, and even which cruise lines have the best itineraries.

Family time is precious. A well-planned family vacation ensures an escape from the hustle of everyday life. It will provide quality time together and allow for an exciting adventure. You’ve daydreamed long enough; it’s time to get away. Start making your family’s memory-making adventure today!

By: Barbara May

Owner of Travel Leaders

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