It Starts with a Square

A Touch of Romance

BY Regan Hewitt

When you attend a wedding, all five senses are engaged. Multi-sensory events are the most memorable and when sight, touch, sound, smell and taste are delighted, so are the wedding guests. Imagine with us for a moment, all of the wonderful ways your senses can be stimulated during a wedding ceremony and reception.

The Sights: The sweet expression on the groom’s face when he gets his first glimpse of his beautiful bride coming down the aisle. The couple’s romantic first dance among family and friends. The stunning views of an outdoor location or the intimate lighting of an indoor venue. 

The Sounds: The whistles and applause as the couple is pronounced man and wife. The peals of laughter as Uncle John busts a move on the dance floor. The sound of the band playing a classic tune or the DJ taking you down memory lane with a throwback.

The Feels: The elegant paper of your wedding invitation, program, and menu cards. The silk or lace on the bride’s gorgeous gown. The touch of the table linens at the reception. A hug from an old friend or family member in attendance.

The Scents: Fragrant candles fill the ceremony space. Aromatic food being passed at the reception. Floral scents wafting from table centerpieces.

The Tastes: The delicious hand-picked meal by the bride and groom served at the reception. The sweet, flavorful wedding cake that melts in your mouth. The surprise ingredient in the signature cocktail drink.

 The union of these senses at a wedding produce everlasting memories in our mind’s eye. We’re able to recall the joy and significance of the moment, because we truly experience ‘A Touch of Romance’. Tour Collierville has the privilege of sharing several local weddings with you in the following pages that have embraced ‘all the little things’ that made their big day special. 

 We wish all of our newlyweds much love, laughter and a happily ever after!


May/June 2020 Tour Collierville Magazine