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250k Tree Day

BY Anna Bell

Breathe in the fresh air.

Collierville residents and employees are doing their part to make our air a little cleaner by participating in Tennessee’s largest tree planting event in the state’s history this Saturday! Those that registered to participate will receive tree seedlings from the Tennessee Environmental Council in an effort to plant 250,000 trees state-wide on February 24th. 

A particular list of trees was selected for the Collierville area that include: Wild Plum, Loblolly Pine, Redbud, Northern Red Oak and Tulip Poplar.

“I am familiar with the quality of trees being distributed because I have planted them in the past,” says Bill Kilp,The Town’s Public Service Department Director, who is also participating. “Several years later they became very attractive and now provide shade and value for my property.”

Kara Northcott is excited about getting the family involved in the 250k Tree Day event!

I thought it would be a great opportunity to get the kids outside and learn about planting native trees to revitalize our environment,” says Northcott. “I also liked to be able to donate to the TN Environmental Council at the same time.”

Robbie Hanks, the Town’s Stormwater Coordinator, signed up to be a distributor. A total of 2,100 trees will be distributed! Hanks will be delivering trees seedlings to Town Hall this Friday, February 23rd, for those participating to pick up. “The Town is working with the Collierville Environmental Commission on this project and what we’re going to do with the leftover trees,” says Hanks, “is distribute them to the local schools.” Hanks is ready to help get the trees distributed and planted across the Town saying, “Trees are like a natural filter and can suck up so much of the Town’s stormwater. The more trees we have, the better we are on stormwater control too!”

For more information about 250k Tree Day and how you can get involved, visit:

Photo Credit: Robbie Hanks


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