It Starts with a Square

Wedding Wisdom

BY Regan Hewitt

Who better to turn to for advice than someone who has already been in your shoes? While most brides have ample counsel prior to their big day, in many cases the groom is standing at the altar without having received guidance for the marriage to follow. But never fear! 

Tour Collierville has gathered some of the best words of wisdom offered by former grooms who have experienced not only the wedding day but many years of wedded bliss. Groom-to-groom, you’re going to want to take notes!

  • A Short Memory

Larry Boyd, Senior Vice-President of Patriot Bank Mortgage, has been married to his wife, Wendy, for 41 years. Boyd says the key to a long and happy marriage is “a short memory.” 

“You’re going to have disagreements,” said Boyd. “You have to have a short memory, it just means that you love them and they love you and you just have to get past those situations. You have to forgive each other and love each other and never go to bed mad at each other.” 

  • You Gotta Work At It

Bill Kelsey and his wife Judy Kelsey are Collierville High School sweethearts, who are coming up on 55 years of marriage this May. When asked what advice he would give to grooms and new husbands, Bill said, “You have to work at it, every day.” 

“There are a lot of things that go into being married,” said Kelsey, “You have to work at it, being in love with one another. You have to learn to fall back in love with each other. It’s the little things that you have to do to be married for so long and realize why you got married in the first place. Even if I’m just going to Hewlett & Dunn on the Square, I always make a point to kiss my wife before I leave, as well as every night before I go to sleep.” 

  • Be Good 

Collierville Town Administrator James Lewellen married his wife, Loren, almost 30 years ago. Lewellen, a man of few words, simply put that the key to a happy marriage is “be good.” 

“It’s not just about you,” said Lewellen. “Every day you’re supposed to choose each other, and some days may be harder than others but that’s why you got married in the first place. Just be good to each other.” 

Whether you’re engaged, recently married or celebrating another year of married life, this timeless advice is bound to resonate. Cheers to wedded bliss and wisdom to last a lifetime!

March/April 2021 Tour Collierville Magazine