It Starts with a Square

Love Will Prevail

BY Regan Hewitt

Love’s relentless pursuit was the star of an otherwise strenuous year. In March 2020, all who were engaged, and eagerly awaiting to exchange vows, were forced to change plans. Some delayed wedding dates while others switched to outdoor venues. Buffets turned into dinners served at spaced tables, or receptions that were postponed altogether. But the greatest of all things remained in every ceremony: love.

The focus of matrimony shifted in 2020 from the party to the promise. Catastrophic events tend to help us refocus on what is most important, and weddings could easily be at the very heart of those redefining moments. Couples and guests alike came together — six feet apart, of course — with fresh eyes; not taking note of the minuscule, but rather renewed by the hope inspired by these newlywed couples. Yes, last year’s weddings brought hope in an otherwise troubling time. 

The creativity of these couples, who brought people such hope, is unparalleled. Many couples cued up the camera to offer livestreamed ceremonies in an effort to keep loved ones safe, while others placed wedding hashtags on facemasks instead of the typical Koozies®. 

Despite the obstacles of a difficult year, the union of couples married during the coronavirus era will be stories of legend and mentioned in anniversary toasts for years to come. Tour Collierville has the privilege of sharing several local weddings with you in the following pages which personify that ‘Love Will Prevail’ through all circumstances.

We wish all of our newlyweds much love, laughter and a happily ever after!

Kaile & Austin Essary

Courtney & Tyler Glenn

Erin & Zeke Harris

Morgan & Kyle Jones

Monica & Stonewall Kelsey

Maggie & Nathan Moore

July/August 2021 Tour Collierville Magazine